Have any of you seen the Jazwares Oddish for sale in person?

I’m looking to pick up the latest Jazwares 2024 Oddish from a store because they aren’t sold from retailers online and I’m not looking to buy them from eBay. Have any of you seen one in person? :slight_smile: If so, which store(s) have you seen them in? Thanks!

They look like this:

I’ll keep an eye out next time I go outside. If I had to guess, the usual suspects of Target/Walmart/Gamestop might have it. Barnes & Noble might also be an option, especially since they have Jazwares plush listed on their site.

Tangentially, this post did make me ask myself where do people buy plush in person these days?

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My local Love’s travel stop has plush about this size. I don’t recall seeing an Oddish but it might be worth checking one if you happen to drive by.

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I was thinking these as well, thanks :slight_smile:

If you mean anything other than brand new plushies then I have no idea. I feel like you can really only get older plushies online these days, like on eBay.

Unfortunately those don’t exist near me but thank you :slight_smile:

My wife and I found one at our local Target! They only had one I believe, we’ll keep an eye out!

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Awesome, great info, thank you! I’ll have to go to Target :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any luck finding this yet?

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No unfortunately they’re always sold out :frowning: I went to four Targets and one GameStop and no luck yet, but I’m not giving up yet. I know I could pay 3x as much on eBay but I’m not a fan of people buying just to sell them so I won’t buy those unless I run out of options.