Half Square Cut Mewtwo Legitimacy?

Hey All!
I was just wondering if I could please have an expert opinion on the following Mewtwo, if he’s a legitimate half square cut from the factory?
Please and thank you

This card was shipped to Australia, right? If so, I know the complete history behind it, and yes it’s an authentic WOTC mis-cut :blush:

You are correct! I’m in the position to purchase it and just wanted to know the nitty-gritty behind it’s legitimacy/authenticity.
Would you care to provide me with that, if possible?
Thank you!

Sure…This copy was originally sourced from an acquaintance of mine who had several square cut copies that were pack sourced… He sold it to @garyis2000 on ebay, if I’m not mistaken, back in 2016. Gary sold it with the regular, fully square cut mewtwo you see there on the left just out of frame. I remember that Gary confirmed its authenticity before selling… he has his ways. I have a memory for these things :blush:

I would note that typically these are not easy to authenticate, especially without it being in-hand, but I happen to know the history.


Perfect! Thank you so much!

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My boy Jk doesn’t forget anything;)


I love these sets:)


@jkanly works for the FBI and if he doesn’t, he should. :grin:

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They look beautiful! I’ll more than likely be purchasing the Mewtwo for the collection.
Would you happen to know if BGS would grade it?
Thanks :blush:

Vulnona :heart_eyes: