Gyarados Card Sleeves? Does such a thing exist?

So seeing as how I only collect cards dedicated to one Pokemon. It’s Gyarados… Gyarados if you didn’t know… *cough* I like to find unique ways to make my Gyarados collection more Gyarados-y. So periodically I’ll do searches to see if sleeves exist which show Gyarados, but have only been able to find Shiny Magikarp as the closest thing.

So I figured I’d ask the more educated part of the community if they knew of something that might exist?

I don’t think there are any as of yet. Maybe a Mgyarados in the future. Are u into like clear files and other flats?

Make the dream come alive, my friend.


Time to start doodling some poke’s in class :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a generic one that has gyarados on it… Not only gyarados though.

Maybe when the mega gyarados will be the prime feature of a set, as weve seen with gengar


… You have no idea what you’ve unleashed. Now I’m going to obsess over which image to use… I want to make it uniform and stick to only ONE or else I’ll see my money dwindle into obsession. :dizzy_face:

@aj1 which one is this? Do you have an image? If Gyarados is one of the main Pokes, I’ll be happy to use it.

I’ve thought of getting clear files, yes. And I always collect flats. Haven’t seen too many but I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked much outside of the realm of binders for the former. You know of any?

Heres a deck box:



Pretty sure there are a few more clearfiles out there…

LOL i didnt know either!!! I looked it up on the interwebs hahah

Well sometimes you do have to go backward to go forward… Jus saying

Well, he is on there

Thanks @aj1, I do remember seeing those, but yeah, Gyarados is too small to really be added to the collection, thanks though! Thinking of going with the creation idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

@hapycakeoven, I do want that clear file Red Gyarados at the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how dedicated to gyarados you are! Glad I’m bit the only one who throws all my love to just one pokemon haha.