Guy being a douche/ ebay fun...

Hey all, just wanted to vent a bit and get some advise, last week i bought this:

And clearly it says in the description “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET” so i decided to take this risk as i had more to gain then loose. But when it came it turned out to be unlimited packs… i then messaged him explaining the packs were wrong and heres a couple of the messages i got…

"In all do respect I did state that they were base booster not 1st edition sorry no can do u can take a case open if you like but you will go nowhere with it :blush: I did also say basically what u see is what u get not what u see is what you get sorry no need to send back they yours now :blush: "

“i can’t belive your tring to get money from my pay pal account lol how sad just except the product you got mate :L jesus send it back i dont care because you wont get a refund because it was how it was described .”

This guy in really getting on my nerves and just seems like a complete arse… I have opened a case but i have to wait ages before i can escalate it to ebay but i’m unsure what decision they will take…

Does anyone have advice for what to do?

Cheers and sorry for ranting :grin:

Be really respectful in your messages to him. eBay will review them, if you’re super nice and he’s a dick then you’ll get your money back.

The kid sounds like 15 years old with the brain of an 11 year old, I honestly think they’ll decide in your favour. As long as you explain to eBay that the listing had 1st edition packs pictured and he said what you see is what you get… then you got unlimited packs, then you’ll be fine.

Yeah i have been, ok that should be ok then.

I just dont know what they’re like for problems like this when the seller doesn’t specifically say what it is but strongly implies which is the main reason i am concerned. I know its not much money but its enough to get annoyed over.

Thanks though :blush:

I guess the old saying about if it seems too good to be true… Would apply here. Sorry you got the hassle though.

Don’t worry Paypal has your back 99% of the time as the buyer, specially since the item in question was not as described and the seller was sending you smug/douchy emails back; make sure to take a screenshot of the auction and save the picture of the auction so that the barely visible 1st edition symbol is shown in case the picture/SC is needed.

If it’s taking longer than necessary make sure to call Paypal, their staff is actually quite helpful. Best of luck!

Any news? I’m curious as to what happened in the end.

After about a week of saying “what u see is what u get not what u see is what you get” then i gave up and just escalated it to ebay support who said if i return it they will refund it which i did.

So in the end i got my money back, its just annoying because i have grabbed quite a few good deals in situations like this where the seller doesn’t fully understand what they’re selling so vaguely lists it without a proper title ect and i was hoping this would be the same…