GSP DOES protects against Paypal Chargebacks

Here’s a fun rant for you guys.

So I sold an item and shipped through GSP and it arrived in Kentucky, fantastic I’m in the clear - right? Negative.

Couple of months have passed and the tracking hasn’t moved from KY. Buyer is irate and begins chargeback process. This is through Paypal since I was still transitioning to Maneged Payments. Paypal Holds funds and begins ‘research’ process.

Several back and forth messages between Paypal dispute chargeback team and I, and I provide the requested evidence to Paypal that Ebay was the shipper and received item and all the relevant tracking information necessary. Paypal had a relationship with Ebay, they must be familiar with the process… I assumed.

Paypal further request additional information about the shipping, want to see exact shipping label printed and added to the shipping box, and note that the designated buyer’s address is correct. (As its been two months, my shipping label manger does not allow reopening the printing label page, and I would not be able to send a picture of the label attached to the actual shipping box, and it would show Kentucky Mailing destination rather then the end mailing destination.

Paypal reviews several images of what I have access to, ebay screenshots, dropdown that shows ebay will ship to destinated address.

Final result. Paypal has sided with the buyer and I’m out of few hundred dollars.

Ebay said when it goes to Paypal, it’s out of their hands. Paypal refuses to acknowledge Ebay was the shipper and Seller was not at fault and expects sellers to take a picture of every single package shipped, with label attached to shipping box. Are the big sellers doing this for their items? Ie. You sell 500/1000 items, and you have 500/1000 pictures post packaging? Lol


Jan 31 update- Good news. I spoke early in the paypal dispute case as the case had not been closed. After paypal reviewed the information, the funds are not off hold.

Cliffnotes: GSP Does Protect against Chargeback Paybacks.


Escalate through eBay. Talk to the manager’s manager.

For 20 years I’ve taken a picture of every package with label. Every so often I needed it and was glad I had it. You could limit the picture taking to items only over a certain dollar ammt.

Not the package/item pre/during/post packing at all? Just the finished package with the shipping label on it?

The package with e label affixed

@teraz , I don’t expect to see $ back on this, but appreciate the suggestion. Paypal offered the buyer chargeback, and it is very unlikely Ebay will be able to do anything since it was not on the managed payment side, which they can control. Since a paypal dispute has been initiated, they act like it’s out of their hands and concern.

@garyis2000 , It may work for international shipping to the location, but not GSP. The designated shipping address of buyer would not match for GSP shipments. Have you have had success with similar GSP issues that were resolved by your pictured package to the KY shipping center?

I have seen many sellers limit their sales recently, perhaps to limit headacheds with the shipping issues, and while GSP seems like the best bet, it will not protect you from Paypal chargebacks, if you for some reason have not converted.

I never tried the gsp

An item of ours was lost through GSP in Kentucky not long ago. If a case was opened in Paypal, Paypal should refund you and they should be compensated by eBay’s GSP, as was done in our case. As long as you have proof of delivery to Erlanger, KY you’re covered through GSP. Ebay and Paypal do talk. You might need to call back to speak with the right individual at Paypal who is familiar with working through eBay GSP compensations. Although in our case, we did not wait more than 1.5 months, we did not experience a bank-paypal chargeback, and we had a very understanding and patient buyer whom also contacted paypal. I hope this helps.


@jkanly, Thanks I will try to give Paypal a call

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Update: Paypal hold is finally removed. Case was still open and after review today, sided with seller. Cheers.