GREAT PSA Bargain...

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GREAT PSA bargain for those of you who have many graded cards. Approximate shipping if you buy 12 or more is 20.00 (USA). Call for complete details.
Important note: these fit all holders EXCEPT the brand new ones.

Mention my name and they’ll charge you double LOL.

Do you work for PSA?

Yes. Ish?

He owns PSA. :blush:

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No longer in an official capacity:) Not for many years.
I’m currently retired to a life of Pokemon card collecting and part time seller;)

I was thinking that. No wonder you’re always talking about it. I have a question then. Will PSA grade team uniforms and refrigerator bowl items? The Refrigerator bowl is before the Rose Bowl.

I phrased my question, incorrectly. Can they authenticate something like, one of a kind stuff. Say a item you will find no information on.

You should talk about this via PM. It would be more on topic and appropriate.

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Those boxes are really good… But unfortunately, the graded cards dont fit in if they are put in an additional graded card sleeve :confused:

My custom fitted graded card sleeves do fit actually;)

oh alright… I didn’t try with your sleeves but that’s good to know… When I tried to put my cards in I didnt have your sleeves yet…
thanks for the input :blush:

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