Gray and white zigzagoon... misprint??

Hey guys first time posting here… I think I have this gray &white zigzagoon card that I got from McDonald’s not long ago. Can anyone tell me if its a misprint or am I just color blind? :slightly_frowning_face:

Pictures pleass

Give me a sec!

There :blush:

Hey there leobazooka, welcome. You might be color blind my good sir. 'Til next time.


Yeah, fairly certain that’s just a regular card. It’s funny though because I remember encountering a Zigzagoon in X/Y while not looking at the screen and having to google what color it was supposed to be because I was paranoid it might’ve been shiny. Turned out it was just a regular one, but it does seem like the brown on Zigzagoon has been depicted in various different shades of brown so we’re not completely crazy.