Grand Party / SSB / TMB Broucher/Book

Can anyone help me out to identify these? What are they, when were they handed out and so forth and how much would they be worth?

The red book is the grand party passport book yeh?
any idea what the blue book is?

None of the above are the Grand Party / SSB / TMB Broucher/Book…at least from what I can see. The one I have has a green cover. I have the same sticker sheet (Grand Party / SSB / TMB) on the bottom right and have no idea what it is either :confused:

The top photo in order is: N64 pokemon stadium booklet (minus cards), 3 pokemon news booklets, ana pamphlet and the rest are stickers …no idea how they were given out?

The bottom is an ana card and two grand party promo booklets. I believe they did have a blue and a red one.

As for a price, not much. I have seen the stickers go for anywhere from $5-20 a piece depending on buyer and the books well I’m not too sure.
On a side note, do you collect memorabilia?

mkpokecc is correct. Not a whole lot of value there.

The passports are cool, and the ANA Mewtwo boarding pass is a nice collectible as well. The brochures are only worth a few bucks (unless, like me, you collect ephemera).

Ahh! they are stickers, i wasn’t too sure, i know it might have come up before on the forum but couldn’t tell.

@mkpokecc Yes i do collect early Poke memorabilia.