Google Chrome, I hate you!

I NEVER had problems with Chrome. Just…that day it had to f*ck up…

So…I was on Y!J in bidding war for a 1st Ed Clash of the Blue Sky Booster box (Ex Deoxys)
With a some seconds remaining, I thought I’d bring out the supposedly winning bid.

I typed in my bid, then went to press ‘Place Bid’ It was that moment when Chrome decided to screw me over and went “Google Chrome is not responding” and I lost the auction.

Just… FML

I’ve had that happen to me once on a really cheap bid for an Awakening Legends Gyarados Card that wasn’t being bid on until the last minute. I bid 25 dollars, when someone bid 27. I still had a few seconds remaining so I put in my max bid of 40 dollars since it was in NM/Mint condition. However, like you, Chrome didn’t respond. The card sold for 27 dollars.

I feel you. :slightly_frowning_face:

But on a 1st Ed. Clash of the Blue Sky Booster Box? … Yeah, mine doesn’t compare. That SUCKS. Wicked sorry, man. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve only ever had that issue when my wifi connection was inadequate. Seems odd.

that is really unfortunate
sorry dude
never happens to me, but when your internet fucks you that’s just as bad

reminds me of past problems of my own with Virgin Media when road workers dig up the wrong areaaa

they take long too fix it usually

I only have this problem when I’m not directly connected (I live in a college dorm currently).

By any chance do you live in a residential area that has a single wifi modem?

I have lots of connection issues with University wifi as well (thankfully I don’t live on campus). Anyway, it’s just best to put in your max bid awhile in advance and walk away.

@unown get a Mac!

Like I said, never had any problems, errors whatsoever with Chrome before. Dunno why it had to happen at that moment =[
Also @pokémon Center Italy, I refuse to use Apple products :x


Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that >_>

Hmm…800 huh… I’ll think about.
Now that I didn’t win the box I went and bought other stuff from the money I was supposed to spend on the box :3

This is true for the great majority of auctions in YJ. Every once in a while you’ll see an auction that doesn’t auto extend and just finishes at a set time.

Yes that’s the one. I’ve come across a few auctions where auto extend is set to “No” and have in fact won a couple of items this way.

Rofl… I accidently downloaded a malware version of google chrome onto my work computers the other day… (lol I’m such a stooge)

Was rushing to get the browser onto my bosses computer, and it started spamming crap all over the place… sigh, anyways, cleared it all up in the end.


I was also bidding on this too! I didn’t win. I had to cap myself because of some other things I was working on obtaining. I have had problems where it says that my request can’t be processed, so I just say whatever and moveon… In actuality, it did through, and I wouldn’t know until I would check my email telling me “congratulations, you won an auction.” completely dumbfounded