Goldin authenticating Video Game products.....

Don’t you think its weird that its authenticated by… the consigner?


the higher up in collectibles you go the more it seems like everything there is just a tangled mess of conflicting interests


It was said in the Discord yesterday that this is no different someone making a toothbrush and then declaring ‘Hey I made this for Queen Elizabeth it’s now worth 5000 dollars’.
I am sure it is the crummiest gold plating(probably nickel tbh) with no value, as well.

If it was something actually commissioned by the royal family then it would be something I can see value in.


At the very least I wish there was some documentation from the THQ employee but since the company went bankrupt nearly a decade ago that could be hard to come by.

Agreed. Seems the bidders would be putting a lot of faith in the consigner…

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I have a platinum gamecube that I made for the queen and I wrote a letter saying it’s super legit. 1 mill plz

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