Gold Reshiram Full Art

I was lucky enough to pull 20 ultra rares in 40 packs of the newest set… Legendary Treasures…
My question is… What classifies as mint?

I pulled a Gold Reshiram FA straight from pack to sleeve, and already I don’t consider it to be mint. Like other FA’s, this little guy has a horizonal line across the holofoil pattern… But nothing is aesthetically wrong with whitening or anything else on the card…

Anyone able to offer opinions?



By horizontal line do you mean like a printing defect?

If so providing its not too bad/obvious I don’t could that as part of the condition personally.

But nice pulls! The ratios for this set are ridiculous lol.

In my opinion, anything that looks fresh out of the pack (unless noticeably damaged) is Mint. There is a slight allowance for factory errors such as a single vertical line across the foil or a spec of white on the reverse. Gem Mint is reserved for cards that are immaculately preserved and flawlessly manufactured.

Thanks all!
I try to be blunt with my conditions, I completely overlooked gem mint LOLOL!


What would you value just generic 1st edition commons/uncommons from neo sets? What would you value 1st ed shadowless commons/uncommons at?
I picked up some in a store in Toronto for $0.25-$0.75 each
They are in VG condition/

Well, with any card, it depends a lot on condition.

I would say generally:
Neo 1ED C/U: $0.25 ea
Base 1ED C/U: $1-5 ea (depends on the card)

Most C/U after Base are relatively difficult to sell individually.