God Tier Double Swirls

I am confident that it is a double horizontal swirl. I was shocked to see it!


Seconding on what @pinn033 said, that Golduck is a game changer! I’ve sifted through that set and nothing. The mystery continues


Searching for double swirls definitely requires the skillset to identify a repeating holo pattern. Someone reading this might raise an eyebrow, but the reality hits when you start to notice that holo patterns are rarely the focus of most photographs of cards on eBay and other platforms. To get around this, as you have mentioned, keeping a database and attempting to study the full pattern is a must.

That said, the swirl is arguably the most iconic part of the galaxy holo pattern and the repetition is something special. Other repeating patterns are satisfying to see though.

And I think you might be right about the double globes/orbs. I have only seen one posted by a member on efour and that might the rarest of them all

I’ve seen double orbs pretty often, unless you mean when they are close together. I typically see them on opposite sides of the artwork - just sold a Flareon Gold Star with an orb on each side of the artwork (horizontally).

These are the double globes as where previous mentioned. They happen because of the vertical overlapping print line. (double swirls are because of the horizontal print line)

Dragonite was posted in the god tier orbs thread by… (couldn’t find him, will go back and check in a bit)

this Dutch base Hitmonchan is one I found myself, don’t own it though. :laughing: (did make the picture darker so it’s more visible)

Still need to learn more about it so this is all the info I can give atm.

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean by the horizontal print line. If that was the case, wouldn’t we see similar holofoil patterns above and below Dragonite?

Here an example of both the vertical and horizontal print lines on the same card. This Pinsir is Japanese but that doesn’t matter because it’s the same for Wotc and this happens quite often.

Are these holo pattern lines different from “typical” print lines that you see due to factory imperfections?

Print lines on cards are those pesky white, black or mixed color lines that appear during production. These can happen during the actual printing, with the mechanisms of the machine making their mark in a line.

It could also happen when the cards undergo cutting as they feed into and out of the machine. Another way they can occur is through the packaging and stuffing of the cards for distribution.

No, it’s something else. The word “print line” is (wrongly) being used for multiple different things. The lines in this thread I have called weld lines before but who am I to make up new words in a hobby that lasted this long. Also the print process has changed over time and my knowledge is limited to Wotc.

Interesting. that foil pattern is flipped/mirrored compared to the one that I am used to seeing. Usually, I notice the swirl is down and to the left of the giant planet, and the little ‘+’ symbol to the right of that. These pictures show that pattern mirrored…

On Japanese cards it’s common to see an orb with a weld line through it, often splitting it in half. I wonder if this is the end and beginning of the sheet


The direction of the holo pattern has no norm and is getting hard to keep track of. JP is different from USA and also different from EU and they all can be in different directions. It’s making me think that I need to learn more on how layers of the card stock where glued together because the more I try to find a system in the holo direction, the more weird things I keep finding. :sweat_smile:


I have made some progress on this topic but not as much as I wanted because I haven’t had much time unfortunately. With the pattern I made I tried to figure out the position of the foil and then I have been checking multiple screenshots I have from cards if it fits or not. Three of these versions have a nice double swirl, one has that double globe and I have found other types but those do not have a nice and full double swirl possible in the artwork. I’m sure there will be more but I will need to find better examples online first and that’s allot of work. :sweat_smile:

I have added pictures here of the swirl versions I have at the moment (thanks to everyone helping here in the thread) but I do intend of making some sort of summary but now I’m still at the stage of adding data to the research. I hope these examples I made are clear and easy to understand. If not, let me know and I will improve on it. :smiley:

(oh yeh, this Magikarp picture is a older version of me making these examples, that’s why the way I’m explaining is a bit different)

I do feel like I’m getting closer to a eureka moment because I have been checking some sheets and seen certain locations that might prove these overlapping “weld lines”/ “print lines”. So yeah, I’m progressing bit by bit. :smiley:


I will read this in detail when I have more time because it looks really interesting, but it definitely deserves its own thread!


Wow, this was so interesting! I think you are really onto something @pinn033. :smiley:

I do have some cards from Skyridge with four globes (you can see them because of holo bleed), so I think the pattern must be much closer than one would expect.


I have found one E-series card with what I thought to have such a “weld line” but after testing it turned out not as interesting as I thought.


This 1st Ed T17 Typhlosion Double Swirl was previously documented above, but now it is for sale in an auction.

And here’s a neat offset printing error + double swirl Espeon from Undaunted.

@pinn033 Here’s an example of a double swirl from Platinum Base, which has yet to be documented here.

Pretty cool cards you found there. :smile: I must admit that I have not been learning about foil after the Wotc era. I would assume they updated certain parts of the pattern so I have no idea if those double swirls from other sets are also because of a weld line or not, don’t even know how many sets have a cosmos foiling in total. :sweat_smile:

While saying that I do have been working on the Wotc stuff. I did took a few steps back because I felt like I was skipping possible important stuff. At the moment I’m going over all languages and their Wotc sets to see where their weld lines are positioned normally. (The lines that don’t have an overlap) I just started out so I haven’t gotten far yet, only have part of Japanese sets yet.

I also made some sketches of what I think these weld lines actually are.

The sketch below is a simplified version of why I think the Wotc pattern is mirrored compared to the Japanese. I think foil has at least two layers, one is the layer with the pattern and I think it’s see through with the second layer being a silver colored background. The issue on why the pattern is mirrored might be because Wotc glued the silver backside on the (wrong) side of the seethrough layer which creates a mirrored pattern.

Below is a more specific sketch of how it’s possible the mirrored pattern happened. The rolls in the drawing are again the seethrough layer being glued against the silver background. These are of course ideas and I have no proof of this. On it’s own this is no break through information but I do believe it might help out later on my research. ^^

It’s a slow process but I’m progressing. :laughing:




Just a heads up, your image didn’t upload!