Getting my Chinese cards graded

Found a forum member who can help me out with grading. I just have a few questions for you guys first…

  1. Will my Chinese energy cards be labelled as Chinese, or just base set? (I’ve heard there’s no visible difference…and I don’t have them to hand to verify this)

  2. How do you guys store PSA cards? Is there a binder for them?

  3. I’m not worried about the grade exactly, just want to keep them preserved. Do the card cases protect against humidity etc? (I live in south China)

  4. Someone mentioned that PSA don’t grade foreign cards beyond base set- is that true? I’d love to have my Chinese ex legend maker cards graded.

Cheers guys. I’ll be sending these off in January…by which time I hope to have tracked down the entire base set!

Good to hear you will be getting your cards graded,hope the holos get 10s!

1.If there is no difference at all with the other energy cards I am sure they will be graded as base set.

2.On ebay uk you can buy plastic covers for psa cards,they are made specifically for them and stop them getting scratched etc,and are cheep,then you could get a box made to store them in,you do find psa storage boxes on ebay but I find them a bit cheap looking or too dear(especially after postage,taxes etc).

3.I would think they would be fine as long as you keep them in a cool cupboard and in a good box.

4.Dont know but I would guess they would,don’t see why not,sure someone on here will know:-)

I just signed up for a PSA membership. No email confirmation, nothing. Not sure when I can proceed with submitting some cards!

When I click on the submission form, I just get a blank form, no customer/order number on there or anything.

I emailed them, but no response.


I don’t think PSA grades any Chinese cards other than Base Set. They grade all languages of base set, but I believe they only grade English and Japanese cards after that. I’d hold off on submitting your Legend Maker cards until you get a definitive answer from PSA themselves. If you do submit them, they may just return them ungraded and still charge you the grading fees.

As has been previously said, PSA cases will protect your cards from basically any and all damage, excepting something extraordinary like a flood/fire. I store my PSA cards unsleeved and in their normal cases, but it’s really a matter of preference.

Yeah, I’m just referring to my Chinese base set, thanks!

Online submission center? All I can find are pdfs to print out and fill in.

I’ll watch your video. Cheers

Ah got it. Their website isn’t the clearest. Doing it now. I have one problem though - I’m doing CC special, and it says declared value under 100 for the cards. Who decides their value? For example, my 1st edition Chinese Charizards are worth over 100, is this an issue? Do I just put 100?

Thanks. I guess I’ll just put 100 for all of them.

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I don’t want anyone to be discouraged from submitting new things so…this is not true.

Bags@ you got charged for a card they don’t grade?

I like how you showed two cards at a time on your PSA box break video:)

When showing your PSA returns on utube you held up 2 cards at a time. It made the vid go quicker…