German base set value

I was looking up some base set prices for different cards and booster packs and found a german complete collection of the base set 1st Edition for 199$. Is it normal that german cards have basicly no value ? Or how is it compared to english cards?

Btw. does anybody know a place where I can find reasonable priced english base set booster packs ? They seem hard to come by.

I think a complete Base Set German collection sold for $99 a while back but don’t remember if it was 1st ed. I’d say it’s worth $150 tops (you can probably buy the singles for <$100). Foreign cards generally aren’t worth as much as English or Japanese cards (there are some exceotions of course) because the number of people who collect them are less than the ones who collect English/Japanese. They just aren’t as sought after as the others. Dunno where to get Base packs for less.

It all depends on exact condition…

Thanks for the answers =) But one last question. Whats worth more (in general) Japanese or english cards ?

That is too hard to answer.

Raw cards, Japanese SR and UR tend to be more expensive in my experience than English.

English PSA10 will always be more expensive though than the same Japanese 10’s.

And what about older cards what has more value ?

They only German card I saw for sale from base set was a Charizard. I don’t remember if it was expensive though.

I ment Japanese or english cards =)