Gengarbrigade's Gallery (So Far)

Since joining e4 in 2019, I’ve read a plethora of articles on things I could never imagine stumbling on (still cant believe this place is free with all of the knowledge) and have met people that have grown into friendships to last a lifetime. In this journey I have seen some of the coolest collections, and I thought why not start my own. This is long overdue:

The following are some autographs I have collected from the following incredible artists:

  • Kagemaru Himeno

  • Mitsuhiro Arita

  • Midori Harada

  • Kouki Saitou

  • Masakazu Fukuda

It has been an honor to not only meet them, but to have these incredible collection of drawings that I will cherish forever. My big goal this year is to collect an autograph from Ken Sugimori :crossed_fingers:


It has been my long standing opinion that Pokemon cards are considered fine art and there are those I would prefer in a slab case not for the monetary value, but the preference of just it being encased and to showcase in my home when people visit to admire it. The following are some of my favorite slabs:

  • Jolteon Summer Lottery Promo. This is my grail and my favorite card of my collection.

  • Gengar Mysterious Mountains. Undoubtedly the best Gengar art ever released.

  • Eevee Heroes in various grades. Objectively the best modern box release ever.

  • The English VMAX’s of Eeveelutions are special to me because not only did my girlfriend help complete the set in CGC 10, but she reached out to @pfm to assist since she had no idea what she was doing.

  • Jolteon Jungle JP. The best drawing. The best card ever made.


I have been working on a Japanese and English binder of various arts dating back from WOTC all the way to modern. The following are just some of what I have in my binder for Japanese and English. This will forever be ongoing:


I have so much sealed that I will maybe share one day, but this is pretty much where I am in my collecting journey. Tomorrow is Pokemon Day. How fitting. I’ll update as I keep going. Thanks for reading!


Wonderul collection my friend, thank you for sharing! Love framing it as a gallery too :slight_smile:


This is an awesome mix of cards! Your collection is super well curated!


Wow, super collection thread friend! Lovely to see the spread of cards, specially your binders. I have obviously read your autograph stories from other threads and they were a real lovely read. Glad you made your collection thread and wishing you success in finding the Ken Sugimori!

Looking forward for more updates. Thanks for sharing!



Really nice to see your collection thread, I’ve seen you flexing with this sick promo Jolteon Alt. Love your collection and how you sort them in binder. Kouki Saitou’s and Fukuda’s autos with cool sketches are sick!

P.S. e4 members autos look very cute < 3


Awesome collection, thanks for sharing! Your name suggests a lot of Gengar cards but I think based on your cards you could safely be “JolteonBrigade” as well!


Can’t wait to see the sealed collection :pokeball:


Update: I’ve been working more on my JP binder and realized I’ve been so focused on modern that I wanted to focus on vintage. I know someone who runs across some minty old backs and we made a great deal. This is still a work in progress. I love it.


Love the full page spreads on some of your favorite cards! I’m still surprised at how cheap some of the Japanese vintage cards are, even for those that are well desired in English.



I finally finished these two pages at approx PSA 9 quality!

This took me a little over 1 month!