Gaano’s base set short pack

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share with you my recent purchase and my 2023 goal. Yes I reached my 2023 goal in January, and honestly I never thought I would be able to buy this item.

Here is my Japanese Base Set Short Pack :scream:

I have no words, that’s just crazy because now that I have both short packs and 1st and unlimited World Champions Pack my collection is complete. That’s incredible guys ! Thanks to everyone who helped me in this journey started in 2016. (from base set to World Champions Pack in 1st edition / 291 yens + short packs and UED WCP)

My Jungle Short Pack


Crazy stuff! As far as sealed packs go, these are pretty much trophy tier, right? Congratulations and keep em coming :slight_smile:


They are rare packs indeed ! I would say base set short pack and Jungle short pack have the same rarity even if Jungle was printed for a much much shorter period. Since 2016, I have seen like 10-15 Jungle short packs and maybe 20-30 base set short packs.

More than 90% of the base set short packs I have seen come from the same booster box, the one that Zieperdeziep (ebay seller) opened several years ago. He graded several packs (PSA serial 27944xxx based on all the graded packs he is selling right now) and kept some ungraded ones.

There are also other graded packs that come from the same booster box but were bought ungraded and then graded after by the buyers so it is nearly impossible to trace them; I have a collector friend who is in this case.

Hard to say which one is rarer considering this fact + the fact that base set has been opened a lot and base set short packs too in the hope of finding No Rarity cards.
Note that Zieperdeziep also has a sealed Jungle short pack booster box.

Thanks a lot for your message :slight_smile:


Awesome man. They look phenomenal. Congratulations! We can all just imagine they are no rarities in there just to boost the already stellar appeal =)


Ahah let’s hope ! Even if I am pretty sure there is not like in 90%+ of all the loose packs :frowning:
Thanks for your message !
I think there is one pack we are like 99% sure there is no rarity inside, it’s @Jolteon_Tom 's pack on Instagram because it comes from the same Taiwanese seller who sold one pack to @italian_abra who opened the pack and found No Rarity ! (would love to speak about that with Jolteon_Tom)

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Congrats though! :slight_smile:

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It is because my goal was to have all Japanese booster packs from base set to Ex Power Keepers (World Champions Pack) in 1st ed (or 291 yen) + both short packs and unlimited WCP ^^

But yes in a way it’s never complete if we add new goals. For now, I do not have any new goal.

Thanks a lot


You should get all of the web packs with the different holos!

Ahah I honestly never considered that since I only wanted one of each pack in 1st ed. I know it’s possible to know which holo is inside thanks to the barcode but well I am not into this kind of hardcore collecting goals. + Web really is an exception, usually you cannot know the cards inside.
I am more the kind of collector who really loves to find really rare items :hot_face:

I think I have had enough with my first goal and I need a few months or more to rest and just buy easy things ahah. Took me hundreds of hours to find everything and above all UED WCP.

But thanks for helping me finding a new goal ! That’s interesting and who knows maybe I will change my mind :slight_smile:


this also not only by collection but a good investment as people stupidly ignore pretty much japanese cards/japanese vintage booster packs who will raise in price in time

I do not see this as an investment since I am just into « complete things » and « rare things » no matter the price. But that’s indeed a point if one day I sell (let’s say 2040)

For the price that’s so true I can testify ! Bought almost everything in 2016 when nothing went for more than €100 :smiling_face_with_tear:
I only bought in the last two years my UED WCP, Jungle short pack and Base set short pack.

i feel you i have no intentions of selling anything from my collection not even god damn common graded cards but it is still a plus. japanese will raise in price and it already steadily does,

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