Future League Promos + Error

I mostly just wanted to give everyone a heads up. My friend who tells me about what’s happening with the cardgame in France mentioned to me today something odd about their shipment of the three remaining seasons of league promos. In their shipment of the English promos (which they receive multiple seasons at a time), there were the three promotional Trainers for the remaining seasons: Kalos Starter Set Tierno, Crushing Hammer, and Pokémon Catcher (in no particular order); but there was also a fourth card. This was a league stamped mirror foil Solrock from XY. He told me there were very few, packaged sporadically within the others. As these are future promos, all we can really do is speculate, but I think that TPCi had some sort of communication error and the card that would be (and probably still will be) the Delphox and Greninja Season League Challenge winner cards was accidentally printed as a league promo. So, there might be some weird error Solrock promos floating around that could be something to look into later.

He also told me that his League Owner took them all and all he got to do is see, so I’m simply going off of hearsay.

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Sounds interesting though. I’m sure we’ll see them in time, however.

Thank you for the information. If he can get even pictures, that would be incredibly helpful.
This is very interesting.


I asked about them again, and my friend was apparently very, very mistaken (even after I triple checked with him the first time to make sure he was absolutely sure!) I’m sorry for the misinformation guys! I was really sure I had something cool to bring to attention.

That being said, Solrock is in fact the League Challenge promo, and the remaining seasons are Catcher, Tierno, and Crushing Hammer, so prepare your binders!

Darn I thought we were finally getting actual playable cards for LC trophy cards but no, that Deino was a fluke then. Ah well, bring on the Solrock!