Friend purchased this

Hi all

My friend recently purchased a couple of these. He thought they looked cool and asked me for information on them. I don’t know really anything about these, and was hoping someone could give him some background information on them? He also asked for a rough price point [if anyone knows].

On behalf of Chris,
Thanks :blush:


Very cool!! I have never heard of these!

Tell him to send your buddy Zach one for Christmas :wink:

Very Cool!

I really can’t help-out with any detailed information (as I really don’t know much about them) - just a few basic points… The model is based-off an actual ANA Boeing 767. Yes, there is / was an actual plane with that art-work! There used to be quite a few of those available on eBay (Mostly from Japan) in the $100.00-ish Range (awhile back now though).

EDIT: I actually just did a quick eBay Search and found a few listed - just search “Pokemon ANA”. There are a bunch of different designs and scales; there’s one listed (same as you posted) for $180.00 plus Shipping.

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