Free Trade Night Event: Jan. 28th in Hooksett, NH

Another event this weekend. Last time was fun, I will most likely be able to go again. If you’re in the northeast its a good time.

First event info: Attention New England Collectors - Hosting a FREE Trade Night Event: Oct. 1st in Hooksett, NH


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Thank you!

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If I attended this event would people be happy to meet me or would my rivals attempt to assassinate me? I don’t want to have to move again.


Id be more worried about tag and track programs if I were you. No need to assassinate, just watching all your movements… always.

Was there much buying and selling going on last time? I’d be like to move some slabs for extra funds and considering going.

Well the last time it was the first event so I am not sure people knew what to expect. I am not an organizer of this event or the last one but from my observations:

A lot of people brought a ton of slabs and were mostly looking to sell, I dont know if they had tons of success, people mostly came to trade. I am sure they sold some, but this is not a big collect a con type thing where people bring wads of cash.

I told myself I would be there to trade and accept trades and therefore I was able to make 25-30 trades which was probably more than many vendors looking to sell. I did also sell stuff, slabs and sealed but nothing was in the 4 figure price range. Some of the trades were expensive but if you really dont want to accept trades it may not be worth it


Thank you super helpful!