'Free' eBay Satchels Australia Post

Any other AUS get these in their mail?

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Wow…an eBay collectible. How much? Lol

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I got the ebay top rated seller stamp.

I got the same package.


yeah i got it, only super cool sellers get em


I didn’t get it… sigh, maybe because I have 5 different addresses linked to my ebay.com.au

Also, I just lost my top rated seller status a few days ago… from someone who didn’t read my description which mentioned a few trainer cards were missing and clarified the exact numbers… and left me negative feedback…

it’s sad, cause the other negatives I have are from a guy who whinged that $3.70 is too expensive for postage. Plus another didn’t read the description again where I didn’t allow shipping a massive lithium battery console overseas, so I returned his money immediately.

How can I get my top rated seller status back? and remove stupid feedback like this…?

Only chance would be to contact ebay.

I won’t ever use them. I think ebay have some deal with auspost for these satchels and you can pay the postage through ebay.