Free eBay listings

Hi guys, I’ve got a bit of an issue and was wondering is there was a way to increase how many listings you get for free on eBay before having to pay the insertion fee? I have some VS and WEB series spares that I want to throw up but I don’t fancy paying over 10% of the value of the item before it’s even listed?

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as far as i know, no. but i done some research today into this subject and read it was fine to create another ebay account and link the same paypal to it, another free 40 listings

Tbh I would rather just build up the one selling account, I only get 20 free listings a month though? Do you get 40?

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Make sure to check the emails they send you, I’ve had a couple offers giving me 100 free listing + 35% off final fees. I don’t know if they offer these promotions willy nilly or target them though.

well cant have the best of both worlds lol! and yes i get 40, might be different between ebay aus and ebay us

I use eBay UK.

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thats quite low… i go through 40 listings in the first few days of a new month… couldnt imagine 20

If you want more free insertions, you have to pay to upgrade to a store. I think the basic store for AUS ebay is $19.99/mth, that gives you around 200 free listings per month. You also get lower fees when you sell something when you have a store subscription.

Free, non-store accounts only give you a small number with the exception of the occasional promotion.

I used to have a few accounts linked to the same paypal account to extend the free listings without paying for a store, but it became a hassle.

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