Found another one..

So on the hunt for cardboard came across another post that made me scratch my head… Am i missing something or is he just dreaming?
Just scroll down and look at the description…
This isnt on ebay its the Australian version of it, so made a new thread :blush:

yup nothin special

It’s not even shadowless!

Just want to point out that Guntree is NOT the Australian version of eBay.

It is completely different.

This however is fairly typical of Gumtree though. I would never purchase through Gumtree!

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Only 100 million EVER made!

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The hell? I believe he’s either full of shit or got dropped on his skull constantly.

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Is there anyone to middleman this for me?

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Still not as rare as my one of a kind, limited edition Charmel- I mean Charizard card.


You forgot to put him as #6 and give him a red bull

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