Forina's Absol & Butler's Kirlia

Hi FrostyFluxy,

I picked up the Butler’s Kirlia years ago, haven’t seen many of them since then. Warumodan has two available on Ebay($19.99 each). They’ve been for sale for quite awhile(well over a year). Currently I think there’s one for sale on YJ with a starting bid of 980 yen… I don’t remember ever seeing the Forina’s Absol…Sorry don’t have much more info than you already posted…


Jimmy H has Butler’s Kirlia for £6.00 in his shop. He also had Forina’s Absol for £8.50 but is out of stock.

Butler’s Kirlia on YJ

Forina’s Absol is in this lot

Forina’s Absol is also in Brian G’s shop

The Butrler’s Kirlia in your link is the one I have. It’s the Fan Club promo…There’s another version with different artwork(same artist) that was distributed in a Movie VS pack…The link Daria posted to Jimmy’s shop shows the best price I’ve seen on the Kirlia…Brian’s Absol looks overpriced as usual…