Forever Team Rocket CD

That CD didn’t include a promo card. Instead, it had a Team Rocket iron-on patch inside.

Thanks for the info! So I suppose that this one was resealed with some random card? I took the pictures from an ebay auction I just found. In the describtion it says that the seller “doesn’t remember which promo was inside” …

The pictures you attached don’t show up. But I found the auction on eBay, and I can conclude one of three things. The auction seller is:

a) Unaware that no card is actually inside.

b) Is selling a CD that has been resealed with a random card (as you’ve speculated).

c) Is trying to pull a fast one.

My vote is “C.” No matter the answer, though, this is an auction that I would avoid.

If you are interested in buying just the CD, I’ve got several hundred of them, all still factory-sealed. $5 each (plus shipping).

Mhh seems I shouldn’t use this uploader any longer. Thanks though but I was just curious because I had not previously heard of something like this…