fmtu's Pinsir 9/64 Collection

I started collecting Pokemon cards in 1999 when the craze hit America. I continued up until 2003, then gradually lost interest and quit. In 2010 HeartGold SoulSilver came out and rekindled that desire. I bought a HGSS booster box and started collecting again, attempting to complete all the old sets I had started as a kid. For whatever reason, I noticed Pinsir 9/64 made me feel really nostalgic. I remembered the first time I got one in a trade with a friend in 1999. Back then I didn’t think it was anything special, but that nostalgic feeling made it become my new favorite card, and my favorite Pokemon, and I decided I’d start a Pinsir 9/64 collection.

My main goal was to get this card in every language it was printed in, both 1st edition and unlimited. I finally completed that goal after years of watching eBay, trading, and buying from foreign card sites. I also discovered an error that just happened to be unique to Pinsir 9/64; a scratch-like mark over the 1st edition symbol that somehow occurred during the printing process. This error has kept me searching for Pinsirs ever since, which is nice because my collection never has to be truly complete. So far I’ve obtained 6 of them, and know of 2 others belonging to collectors that I may be purchasing eventually. I’d also like to get a PSA 10 English 1st edition and unlimited, and already own a PSA 10 Japanese that isn’t pictured.

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I love seeing single pokemon collections like these on here! And very interesting error X.X

Yeah, beautiful collection !

Now, do you plan to collect all recent cards or carddass of Pinsir ?

Really haven’t been that many Pinsirs in the TCG, which is a shame. I always preferred him over Scyther when I was a kid, which was uncommon as everyone was crazy over Scyther.

Here is to holding out for a Pinsir EX in XY or ORAS era, since he has a Mega there is a chance.

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It’s great to see them all together! I remember when you were still searching for them on Pokebeach :grin:

Welcome to UPCCC four makes two unless. It’s hisoka from reddit!

Thanks! Nah, I’m not really interested in any other Pinsir cards. However, if a Pinsir EX and Mega comes out, I’m definitely going to go after those.

Same! I’ve always thought it was an underrated Pokemon. I’m just glad they gave it a mega evolution, brings people’s attention back to it. I’m looking forward to an EX card.

Hey! Your foreign card guide was very helpful. I’ve linked several other people to it since then.

Hey man! I’ve lurked here for awhile, but yea haven’t done much posting. I was thinking about messaging you earlier. You wouldn’t happen to have a PSA 10 1st edition Pinsir 9/64 would you? One was listed on eBay yesterday for $180 buy-it-now. I thought that was ridiculously high but someone bought it.

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I do not have that card but the guy who does is named ebirdman on ebay. He’s a pretty nice guy and if you message him you might be able to get a deal.

The reason jungle psa 10 holos are so high is because they were notorious for the bad cutting/holo edging. Also the cards aren’t as popular among graders so they aren’t overpopulated like the others cards.

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