Flashfire Charizards - worth holding?

Hi all… just a quick question about flashfire… this is when I got back into collecting and I tore through so many packs. Have a bunch of unplayed but ungraded charizards- including the secret rares. Do you think it’s worth holding on to these or too over-saturated?

I would get them graded.
I think the secret rare would be worth holding onto. Any charizard would fetch a slight premium over other species.
But personally speaking, anything I collect, I usually hold on to it regardless of value, as its for my own personal satisfaction.

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Yes, hold on to them but don’t expect a ton of short term growth. Think 5 to 10 years.

The EX’s were printed to death so they will never have as much value as say the plasma storm one. That one will spike again in a while. I dont see the FF going up anytime soon.

Lower value zards are always worth holding. You never know when that card will suddenly come into demand.

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I keep all Charizards I pull. For whatever reason people are obsessed with them, they will always be some of the most calueable cards, and I think the value will always grow, Soviet slowly. Definitely a long term investment.

12 and 69 just got reprints in the new battle arena decks. I wouldn’t be too bullish on the prices of those.


Secret Rare & fullarts yes, the regular prints nah.

I’d expect slow growth, but probably some type of growth. They’re nice cards though, so hold onto them if you like them!

@gottaketchumall, is right on! Usually reprints drop the value of the cards. That being said, my gut tells me that the secret rare zard in the set might hold its price.

I’d be looking at holding the sealed product rather than the Zards themselves.

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