first for ebay?

Not technically angry at this but still best section I suppose

let me just recap a guy bought a NM charizard off me for £20 a week after it arrived he made a claim saying it was in played condition and asked for full refund, I didn’t accept this untill a) he sent the card back or b)he show proof, he showed ‘evidence’ which didn’t back up anything he claimed, also he refused to send the card

anyway Logged on ebay and too my amazement it went in my favour THEY REFUNDED HIM themselves and said I was found not in the wrong so got the money back

but if anyone is the real winner it’s him he got £20 and the Charizard

I’m pleased I semi won the case though, this is surely rare?

Wait a minute, so they refunded him and let him keep the Charizard and they let you keep your money too? So they basically picked both sides? Never heard of that. Sounds like you should submit that buyer to the blacklist thread.

already did I think haha yea I saw they closed it and said refunded him I thought oh great now I owe them …but no I check details it says I was not found at fault, so clearly it’s his fault for not reading description but even so this is rare/unheard of?

I knew this was a possibility with both buyer and seller protection but I never thought they would actually do it.

but I guess for you that’s probably the best outcome you could have hoped for lol.

Wow that’s weird that ebay ate the money for the transaction. Too bad too that the buyer got away with that!

good for me though haha

I still don’t believe it

yea neither do I LOL

Exactly on the money here. :wink: