First edition base set Dewgong Mitsuhiro Arita underline?

Interesting. I just looked at my Gyarados and it doesn’t have any. I also looked up some recent sales and current sales of 1st Edition Base sets of Gyarados and can’t find anything either. Went ahead and looked at some random sales of 1st Edition Base Set cards including a bunch of Dewgong’s and nothing.

Perhaps just a printing defect. We’ve seen a lot of different small ink defects on cards from that era. :blush:

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i checked my 4 dewgongs and none have the same line

it would be an exclusive to dewgongs id say, artist wouldnt matter as the extra bit of ink was not planned

edit; and non of my 5 shadowless gongs have the line

Everytime I think of Dewgong as a pokemon

I’d like to figure out the whole line - no line concept. I’ve seen this a few times, but I have no idea which version is harder to find or if they’re “edition” specific (1st, shadowless…)