First clear BW card scans now on collectorviper!

Enough said ;D

What the hell? We have new BW cards and we’re not discussing them? does it again with amazing scans of cards:

Random crappy holo pattern and godawful set symbol are not good

(Is the holo pattern supposed to make the card look like a watercolour or something?)

Thanks claire! They look awsome :blush:

But the Legend era symbols are awesome, I love the simple symbols! CS1 is literally a white box with an ugly ugly typeface.

Oh well, I know I’m going to buy these anyway…

you can buy them now my friend has them all. serch them on ebay and they are for trade just serch up candymanm on youtube and go to his channel and let him know you want to trade for them.

I like the new foil treatment, just hope it carries over to the English cards.

Wow, just bought the boys DX kit. Should’ve bought the girls one too probably…

jaroda = sex <3333