Finest T206 Set Earns $8,000,000 Without Honus Wager!

Another historic auction occurred in collectibles: The finest graded T206 Set was sold through Heritage collectively for 8 Million without Honus Wagner. The set was split individually, some of the higher sales: $690,000 PSA 7 Eddie Plank, $660,000 PSA 8 Sherry Magee, $360,000 PSA 8 Ty Cobb. If you have a Heritage log in, you can view the prices on their site.

To roughly translate this for pokemon collectors, it would be comparable if 100 years from now a full 1st Edition base set sold without the Charizard. IF the highest graded Honus Wagner were included, the total sale would have most likely doubled.


Very cool to see. The article says a lot of these cards were the highest grade for their respective card. I wonder if base set will be more limited in its price ceiling since at least 50 of each holo exist in PSA 10. In terms of rarity, could this be more similar to a set of trophy cards?

This is mind blowing!!! Thanks for sharing :blush: