Filler cards and sheets

Hey! I was hoping someone here would know about these. Are they extremely hard to obtain? There are no current eBay auctions for them and not a lot I could find on the internet.

Also, not to sound crazy, but I am interested in picking up an uncut sheet from Base set. I’m not too interested in the starter deck sheets because I mainly want it for the chansey. I sae some scans of a “test” sheet also with a different style of holo. Are these as obscure as I have been led to believe?

I also play magic and in the magic world sheets range from 300-a few thousands depending on age/rarity. I’ve seen quite a few fossil sheets but the price seems to vary quite a bit to try and place a value on a Base set one.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I would beware if some of the blank holo cards on ebay and elsewhere. many of those errors are cards that people stripped with acetone and are trying to sell. As for ones that are authentic, I am not too sure of the value, but I have seen a few around.

@chansey – That is known as a “blank misprint” card. There are two types of these cards: blank fillers (which were completely blank) and blank misprints (which have borders). The completely blank cards took up any existing empty slots in the last squares of the sheet. They were primarily considered “filler” or “test” cards in the manufacturing process.

The aforementioned card shown in the attachment is a misprint. FrostyFluxy is correct; due to its yellow border, it shows that the front was never printed. In rare circumstances, blank cards were accidentally inserted into booster packs after the final cut was made. I have observed a few of these cards valued between $15 - $50, depending on whether it was white¹, silver², or holofoil. Blank misprints which possess holofoil are in the higher end, roughly $30 - $50.

¹ Common/Uncommon
² World Championship

Thanks for the info! I really like the holo filler card.