Female Full Art Trainers

I want to start a Full art trainer binder and would like to start with just females. Would like to buy most of them at once, ideally, in mint condition.
Does anyone have an extra lot of these they wouldn’t mind letting go that I can offer on? My offer would reflect which ones you have I guess. Let me know what you have.

Here’s a few favorites I would offer on alone if they don’t come up in a lot.

CopyCat 163/168 Celestial Storm 6$
Underground Expedition 168/168 Celestial Storm 5$
Mina 211/214 Lost Thunder $8
Brigette 161/162 Breakthrough $6
Teammates 160/160 Primal Crash $6
Cynthia 148/156 Ultra Prism $45
Lillie 156/156 Ultra Prism $35
Lillie 147/149 Sun & Moon $12


Binders full of women :open_mouth:


jdalcour 2020 lol

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: