FedEx man dropped these off today.


This is better than any mail day of my life lol


It was a good day, the dreaded 9.5 or Better blastoise still haunts me.

Damn. I might have kissed the mailman if he dropped this off.


My wife was the only one home, I hope the mail man didn’t get any kisses! :flushed:


as someone trying to get a better grasp of grading/what to send in and what to hold back. Do you have pre pictures of that 4.5 zard or even closeups of the graded one? Would love to see why it got 4.5. It looks pretty clean from a distance!

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Ya I can DM you closer pics. I knew it was going to get a low grade but just threw it in. The edges weren’t that bad, but the holo has a ton of scratches and is why it got the low grade.

makes sense (and yea that would be awesome). Regardless ‘grade all zards’ can’t be too bad of a strategy haha

That’s awesome though. All those 9’s together look fantastic especially. Glad to see you put the right Pokemon in the #1 spot.

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