Fastest Sled - Giant Toploader

After a small ice/sleet storm, I realized there was a dog bed bottom, cardboard, and a trashcan available to use for a sled. While going through some Pokemon sheets the top loaders looked to be worth a try. I sit down onto the top loader at the top of the hill - 3 seconds later (at most) I was doing my best to roll off the top loader before I was shaking hands with Sonny Bono. My wife, of course, found it hilarious. The speed acceleration was unlike any sled I have been on before. If you try this, have an exit plan or a stopping point at a uphill bottom. A dozen or so hay bales would do the trick.

Has anyone else ever tried using a top loader as a sled?

This sounds amazing.
Not very expensive. Too rigid to control without modification.

Try coating a regular sled with either Teflon or a hydrophobic spray.

that must be fun :grin:

Don’t get much snow or ice where i am so cannot give it a try :slightly_frowning_face:

The uncut sheet top loaders are not rigid. I wish they were so my sheets would stand up in them!

No way too control them though. In later tries I would sit near the back and kick it out from under me near the end. Only problem with that was that the front-end would catch wind on the underside and flip back to smack me in the face.

I can picture the next winter olympics… people sitting inside toploaders for the bobsled races lol

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What’s snow? Lol
Wouldn’t matter anyway since its a beautiful 78 degrees here:)

Sounds wonderful. It a warm day here, 10 degrees below normal.

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Sooooooo who’s ready for the first annual UPCCC top loader sledding championships??


I will judge.