So what kind of fashion do the collectors here take part in?

I myself enjoy the modern “hipster” look, but I don’t go all out like some people. I do like to keep things unique though, and I have an odd love for bowties :stuck_out_tongue:

I wear bum clothes so I can get free dollar bills

I do not wear clothes.

I like to keep it simple. Polo or dress shirt, Inky blue jeans regular fit, black socks, dress shoes and a wrist watch.

Currently I’m really into alligator shoes, tasteful ones of course, I tend to stick to Mezlan for these.

I wear one of two outfits:

polo + cargo shorts
Super Hero/Villain T-Shirt + Basketball Shorts

In the winter, all shorts change to jeans and the shirts remain the same.

Clown outfits…

Really great answers from everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

@cujucuyo ~ Alligator print, or actual alligator? :open_mouth:

@reinasierpe ~ Your style sounds pretty swanky. Why do you wear wigs?

LOL you’re the clown, i’m the bum… haha

We’ve all seen your fashion brother;)

Genuine Alligator. :blush: There are some nice prints/embossed out there though but I’d rather stick to the real thing as they look way better.

Well i personally dont like spending a lot of money on lots of clothes. im quite stingy with my cash. I only have one pair of shoes which i purchased, the only reason y i have 2 pair of flip flops and a pair of tennis shoes is because they were given to me.

I personally like just going simple with tank tops which i have one for every day of the week. and i have 4 pair of pants,a pair of fuzzy pj pants. i have a stretchy black pair, pair of Kackies, and a pair of jeans

then i wear a black hoodie, or my red and black hoodie with earphones built in.

And i prefer to get my clothes on sale or at resale shops like goodwill

lol we are complete opposite… I got my jeans on sale at Express Men For $120~

well with no source of income and living in a homeless shelter, you gotta make due. tho i learned to be stingy with my money before that because the job i had was part time and my paychecks were barely 100 a week so i learn to save and scrape for only things i NEED

Expess Men is sooo expensive! I don’t even bother going in there anymore.

Yeah, I’m fine with spending some money on clothes, but I tend to try and save as much money as possible while getting the nicest clothes I can. So, $30 for anything outside of shoes and dress clothes, like a blazer, is too expensive imo :stuck_out_tongue: