Expedition double trouble

I just found out yesterday that Expedition holos have a different set number than their non-holo counterparts, meaning I guess I’ll be chasing down a bunch of doubles, essentially, when I get further along with a reverse holo Expedition set :sweat_smile: Just wanted to share this new revelation for me

(I thought sets following Legendary Collection would follow that set’s holo/non-holo numbering format, but I guess not!)


Lol thanks Wotc :melting_face:

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This site has all the sets and will show you if the nonholo version of a rare is part of the set number or not.

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Thanks for the link!

I’ve mostly just been organically figuring out the set (seeing what pops up in Ebay searches and things like that). I saw holo and non-holo variants with the same art, but just assumed they were the same set number.

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Even the reverse holos between both non holos and holos are different. I believe the holo reverse does not have the detailed info like height and weight. Also the non holo reverse has a blue ‘e’ as opposed to a yellow holo ‘e’

Edit: oops it is the non holo reverse that does not have the detailed info bar under the image


Oh, thanks for pointing that out! I noticed the gold “e” vs blue “e” after finding out there was two reverse holos, but the height/weight thing is easy to spot. But it’s kinda weird that the owners of the non-holo (and reverse of the non-holo) version are not privy to the height/weight pokedex info. Maybe it’s a form of gatekeeping :thinking:?

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