Every CHR (Character Rare) + AR (Art Rare) Binder Collection Current/Complete? Promos

My daughter and I were blown away by the CHR cards that made their debut in Dream League. I held on to a copy of each CHR in the set and when they returned in VMax Climax, we picked up NM copies of each CHR for a binder collection. As SV discontinued CHR and introduced the AR, we continued collecting and adding into the binder. The only promo in the collection as of right now is Clefairy (with Lillie).

Recently, there have been some SV Promos in the Art Rare style that I’m wondering we need in our binder if we want the collection to be truly “complete” in the future. This prompted me to look through all the promos released in SWSH and S&M to make sure we weren’t missing any other promos that qualify as a CHR. Because the art style meshes so well with the other CHR cards in Dream League, I bought Clefairy/Lille feeling confident that it had to be in the binder for the collection to be complete.

Here is a list of other promos that have me wondering if they should be added into the binder collection for it to truly be a complete set of every CHR/AR released to this date. Please let me know what y’all think about this list or if I missed any that should be considered:

  • Miraidon 048/SV “Shield Battle” Promo + Koraidon “Shield Battle” Promo ***(English counterparts are the SV Base Set ETB Promos) - feel confident these would’ve been AR cards in SV Base if they weren’t promos. Do they belong in the binder with all the other AR cards from SV sets?

  • SV Detective Pikachu Promo - The artwork and style resemble Art Rare set cards

  • Red’s Pikachu 270 SM Promo - Does it belong with the other CHRs from Dream League

  • Pikachu and Cramorant Stamp Box Promos (could they be considered an Art Rare style Promo?

Note: what I mentioned below are purely my own opinion, feel free to disagree if you feel otherwise. You should make the final decision of what to add into your own collection.

Here are all the post-SM cards with special layouts which are not in regular Japanese sets (including special sets, promos, deck products and gift boxes) and how I eventually categorized them:

  • As SRs
    • SMP2-025 Lt. Yoshida
    • SM-P-020 Hau and 053 Olivia
    • SM-P-085 The Masked Royal
    • SM-P-239 Zekrom GX and 363 Mewtwo GX
    • SM-P-395 Acerola, 396 Guzma and 397 Lillie
    • SI-415 Pikachu V, 416 Granbull V and 417 Zamazenta V
    • SI-418 Barry and 419 Marnie’s Pride
    • S-P-005 Hop, 069 Pokémon Center Lady and 157 Honey
    • S-P-103 Charizard V and 304 Lucario V
    • (TPCi exclusives: Hammerlocke Gym Trainer and Klara)
    • (Asian exclusive: Victini ex)
  • As HRs
    • SM-P-240 Zekrom GX and 364 Mewtwo GX
    • S-P-104 Charizard VMAX and 305 Lucario VSTAR
  • As URs
    • SI-420 Galarian Articuno, 421 Galarian Zapdos and 422 Galarian Moltres
  • As Shining Pokémon
    • SM-P-083 Shining Ho-oh
  • As SSRs
    • SJ-029 Zacian V and 030 Zamazenta V
    • S-P-152 Crobat V
  • As CHRs
    • SM-P-381 Clefairy
  • As alternative art SRs
    • SM-P-297 Eevee & Snorlax GX
    • S-P-174 Sandaconda V and 175 Celebi V
  • As alternative art HRs
    • SGG-020 Gengar VMAX and SGI-023 Inteleon VMAX
    • S-P-186 Flareon VMAX, 187 Vaporeon VMAX, 188 Jolteon VMAX and 189 Espeon VMAX
  • As ARs
    • SV-P-001 Pikachu - on the fence on this one as ARs are usually variants of a regular print, which this card doesn’t have.
    • SV-P-048 Miraidon and 049 Koraidon
  • As SARs
    • (Not in Japanese: Charizard VMAX - Asian copies have SAR holo pattern instead of alternative art HR)
    • WCS23-001 Pikachu ex
    • (Asian exclusive: Victini ex)
  • Not in any of the categories above
    • SM-P-013 Pikachu in Skull Team Costume
    • SM-P-061 Pikachu and 068 Pikachu
    • SM-P-270 Red’s Pikachu - didn’t count as CHR as it was released before the CHR concept was formed and has patterns on its holofoil.
    • SM-P-286 to 290 Munch promos
    • SM-P-365 Armored Mewtwo
    • SM-P-400 Pikachu and 401 Friends in Alola - I was on the fence for Alola but eventually ruled it out as the card is printed in a different (etched) texture than regular SRs. However most collectors I knew who collects supporters include this card in their collection.
    • S8a-G-001 Gold Pikachu and 002 Gold Poké Ball
    • S-P-001 Pikachu - didn’t count as AR as the card was released before the AR concept was formed and has patterns on its holofoil.
    • S-P-226 Cramorant and 227 Pikachu - didn’t count as AR as the cards are not holo.
    • S-P-323 Pikachu - didn’t count as AR as the card is textured.
  • Unknown - need to get the actual card and check their specs before I can decide
    • SV-P-098 Detective Pikachu
    • (TPCi exclusive: Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat)

You should split the binder because there will probably eventually be more CHR/CSRs. Not sure if you’re counting CSRs in that though? The only real difference is texture but it’s still Pokemon and trainer together.

If you want to expand there are some other cards like FA Hau that has an Alolan Raichu and Professor Elm’s Lecture with the Johto starters.

This is extremely helpful thank you so much. Your notes on the cards I’ve been speculating on are spot on: S-P-001 Pika resembles an AR that was released well before the AR rarity/design we know today, but I wasn’t considering details like holo patterns and texturing that are a major factor when determining if they are similar enough to add to the collection - same with Red’s Pikachu (holo pattern).

I’m on the fence with the SV 001 Pika as well. Pika gets a promo with the starters, but this one looks very similar to all the AR’s being released in the sets. Very good point on it not having a regular print version. That’s almost enough for me to exclude it from the other AR’s.

Now the Miraidon/Koraidon are the reason why I went down this rabbit hole. To me, they are definitely AR promos, and much harder to obtain than set AR’s. Up until this point, it’s been nice to collect the CHR’s and AR’s because they’ve all been pretty affordable after release - until Miraidon and Koraidon, haha.One reason we kept the CHR’s and AR’s together in the binder is because I like to see the transition from the CHR in Dream League into the AR’s we’re getting today. Now that AR’s are getting these amazing evolution lines with SAR’s I’ve thought about reconfiguring the binder into 2 separate collections. The evolution lines including the SAR’s would be really nice to have together.

Thank you for your input!

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Here is a pretty recent short showing them all together. It really bothers me that Miraidon and Koraidon aren’t in there haha.

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Nice collection! Thanks for sharing.

I passed on the Clefairy when it was around $58-63 (in my currency multiply that by 4.7 :skull: ) because I was newly collecting and it seemed excessive (and years before it was $10 or less lol).

Of course since then I’ve spent more on many cards but Clefairy also skyrocketed and I further couldn’t justify buying it because I didn’t like the art that much.