Error Blastoise/Snivy,2009 Movie Cards,Lucky Stadi


  • I live in the US. I ship anywhere at your expense.
  • All prices are negotiable.
  • I accept cash and PayPal Gift.

Stuff for sale:

  • Holo Base Set Blastoise (No “Stage” error) - $130 Picture
    Condition description: Minor scratches on the picture. Speckling and minor scratches on the blue part. Speckling on the edges.

  • Black and White Snivy (Ink bubble error) - $5 Picture
    Condition description: Mint

  • 2009 Movie Pack Cards - $Depends on card Picture 1 Picture 2
    Condition description: All mint

  • Lucky Stadium (Kyoto) $15.00 Picture
    Condition Description: Mint