eMcP's Buylist! WTB: DP Base Set Mantykes!

Looking for this card! Mantyke is one of my top 3 pokemon (one of my first pokemon related memories is getting my Mantyke plushie from I THINK Burger King?).

I’ve tried ebay, but that didn’t really work out (there are 2 on ebay UK. Both are pretty scratched up reverse holos and one has someone’s initials on the back). I COULD buy from a US seller but that would mean I’d have to pay something like £15 in postage!

Non Holo: £5 per card
Reverse Holo: £10

Card condition has to be fairly good. Prices are negotiable I suppose.


There are a bunch of them available on CardMarket: Mantyke Lv.6 (55) - Diamond & Pearl | Cardmarket (I’ve already added a filter for English and EX+ quality). I would advice to contact sellers to ask for pictures before purchasing, to ensure it’s the expected quality.

Not sure how much shipping + import fees might add for you since the Brexit, though… Unfortunately none of the sellers are from the UK.


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Thanks! I’ve already had someone with the card DM me but I’m gonna buy multiple so I’ll make an account and check it out.

Update: The card has been acquired! Thank you @xzini!