EeveeTeam's Collection - To a New World

My Eeveelution collection goal is to obtain every variant of English and Japanese, and to include cards of other languages that have a unique feature, such as an exclusive holo pattern. I also collect cameos featuring Eeveelutions in both English and Japanese, and casually collect non-TCG cards. Missing cards noted are through the SWSH era. No SV era cards are shown.

English cards missing:
None - 100% complete through SWSH era
Japanese cards missing:













Incredible job for your collection so far! I happen to have very similar goals for collecting over the years such as collecting every English/Japanese print of Eevee/Eeveelutions along with cameo cards/unique other language variations in multiple binders (I have been thinking just to exclude reverse holos altogether for cards that have a holo print, finding LP+/NM reverse holos can be a headache sometimes). Although, my collection is primarily Japanese for many prints due to the English counterpart being priced out of my budget and market availability for some prints (But, I’ll definitely get around to picking them up eventually when I can afford it.)

I personally use 12 pocket binders for my Eevee collection in order to fit the prints of Eevee and it’s evolution all in one row and I think it looks great aesthetically!

I look forward to seeing updates to your collection thread, it’s always wonderful to see other collectors that are as passionate as you about something!

Rock on,


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Amazing collection!! I love how thorough it is.

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Wow, what an amazing collection! :grin: Thanks a lot for sharing. Going after all Eeveelutions is no small feat for sure, but dang you’ve done an awesome job thus far. I also think it’s smart to not care too much about 1st/unlimited edition for the Japanese releases, since those are almost always the hardest to find. And if you’ve going after all Eeveelutions, there are certainly a lot of them.

As for some remarks:

The Jolteon/Vaporeon Gold Stars are swapped on this page :blush:

Are you explicitly excluding Jumbo cards? There are a few unique (and pretty nice) Jumbo artworks featuring Eevee(lutions):

The XY124 Pikachu EX is also available as Jumbo in English (and German, French, Italian, and Spanish); and the XY95 Pikachu is available as Jumbo as French exclusive.

Also, there are two Eevee misprints that you may not be aware of:

  1. 1st edition Jungle Eevee with “d” edition misprint. Kinda like “d” edition Butterfree of the Jungle set, but at a slightly different spot and shape of ink bubble. It’s also a lot less common to find than the Butterfree, although not a one-time occurrence. I’ve seen at least five like this:

  1. French Jungle Eevee all have the incorrect flavor text, weakness, resistance, and retreat cost at the bottom. It’s identical to that of the French Fossil set Ditto (this one is uncorrected afaik).

Good luck with the remaining trophy cards and Eevee Heroes. :blush:



@quuador, thanks for the kind words and comments on the collection. I did not know about the 1st edition error on the Eevee jungle card, I will have to look for that one now.
I am leaving out jumbo cards for now, although I do have the Espeon Aquapolis box topper, I should add that to the collection photos.
On your note on the Gold Stars, for my Japanese binder, I organized purely by release date then by set number.

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Just want to say I love your collection!

I got this guy recently and it could be one of my favorite cards of all time. I love eevee and 7/11. Dream come true.


That’s what I call dedication! Insane!

This is amazing. Working on a similar goal for my collection. The only difference really is I want as many languages as I can get for Umbreon. Love that one especially. You make me want to go out there and get more Eeveelutions right now.

I made my own spreadsheet for the Eeveelutions and was comparing it to yours to see what I was missing. I noticed you only had 1 Indonesian variant, but there are also 2 Glaceons and 1 Eevee & Snorlax GX with an Indomaret stamp on the card. There is an Illusion’s Zorua by Miho Sugano that has an Umbreon. Just wanted to throw those out there in case you weren’t aware of them.

@ragingkraken, for non English/Japanese cards, I went with the “only if I find it cool” approach. So the French McDonalds with unique holo patterns falls into that, and the Indonesian KFC Eevee does as well. The other Indonesian stamped cards do not for me. I have that illustration contest card in my wants list on the cameo page, thanks for checking and comparing! Always nice to have my master list verified and checked by others as well.

@eeveeteam , I know Chinese isn’t in your core collecting criteria, but I think the Chinese-exclusive Medallion battle promo has a pretty cool backstory (and a unique stamp that isn’t available elsewhere):

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@dreamtech, that Chinese Eevee is very cool. I would like to collect more of the unique stamps in other languages besides English and Japanese, however first knowing about them and then finding them is tough. I will keep my eye out for that one though, thanks for sharing!

@dreamtech, found one for sale on ebay. Looks like they are asking $300 for it. @rustedharmony did you know about this one?

I’ll be uploading Thai + Korean soon to my website’s database, so you can keep watching this link for Eevee + all the evos and see if anything is interesting

That’s about the right price–you can get them a little cheaper if you buy direct from Taiwan (around the $200 USD~ mark when converted), but you will need to use a middleman if you don’t have someone domestically. The prices for example on shopee are in TWD. If you want a recommendation for a TW middleman PM me.

The supply of these has really dwindled since release. On release week there were around 3-4 pages of results for the above search (Eevee GX Promo in Chinese), but now there’s only 1 with several false positives.

Love this collection!!

It’s a bit of a stretch. But on top of the sewing needles on the table some of them have a general head shape. There’s a brown head behind the pink one. Im still not convinced that it’s an Eevee, but idk of any other brown Pokémon with that general head/ear shape. I’m planning on getting one too but I’m not entirely convinced it’s an Eevee either.

@ragingkraken, I saw Eevee labeled as a cameo on that master cameo spreadsheet. Not sure who initially thought it was an Eevee cameo, but its in the binder now.

If you can’t find it cheaply elsewhere, troll and toad has it for $11.49, use code TCA5 for 5% off.


Wow. That is quite the collection! E4 is amazing. I don’t use social media, so it’s epic to see some serious collections!

I didn’t even know about the holo border being a unique thing to the Chinese version. I only have that version right now, so I thought it was the standard. Now the other languages seem inferior.

@ragingkraken I only recently learned about the Chinese version being unique. The English version is #3 out of the 3 in that picture. The yellow border does not go well with the artwork colors.

@eeveeteam yeah not a fan of yellow borders. The silver ones almost always look better imo. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that they’d keep the yellow on the English card for this one.