Eeveelution Master Collection - So close to Grail

2023 was a solid year for my collection progress. Here are the highlights:

I had 5 Japanese unlimited cards to go, and managed to get 4 of them (missing Umbreon L2 mirror reverse)

Kept up with modern by finishing the prize pack cards from SWSH and new SV releases. Thankfully it was a slow year for Eevee releases. I think a set with all the Eevees is coming soon if we learned anything from Eevee Heroes

Added another Champions Festival cameo

And keeping the Chinese reverse holos coming. These are so cool with the unique holo pattern


Those Chinese reverse holos look pretty sweet!

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Wow super update! Congratulations on a super collection year, the gold stars are just so beautiful. Your binders are just spectacular. This year belongs to the Umbreon L2 mirror reverse, I can feel it.

Wishing you success with your collection goals in 2024.



You’ll get that Unlimited L2 Mirror Reverse someday! I know it!!


I had it in my cart and when I hit to pay it was sold. Such a sad day


Sorry was not me

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Wow! This is truly one of the best and most dedicated collections I’ve seen yet. This is something that you should be truly proud of!!! Best of luck getting those Japanese Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon VMAX Promos… those will cost a pretty penny.

Thank you so much! For the VMAX promos, I think they will be too expensive for the next few years for me. Its hard justifying that much money when I have the same artwork in English

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Yeah, when I first saw them I was like “wow those look amazing maybe I could pick one up for <$1000 in a 10!!” and I was very wrong with my price estimate…

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Hard luck, but I can feel that this is coming soon. Your persistence will pay off eventually.



I come back every so often to admire the drive, and collection. Good luck with the remaining ones!

Thank you! I am hoping to get one of the missing pre-SV era cards I am missing in 2024.

Does that mean I should be waiting for you to post you got a Melee! Eevee?

Ha! If one comes for sale, I would definitely make an offer on it.

I think it’s crazier you have the reverse holo unlimited L2 espeon. Ive never seen another up for sale.

Sadly my Japanese unlimited HGSS master set is missing both Espeon and Umbreon.


I was in Japan a few weeks back and kept an eye out for it in the shops I visited. Only a full holo and it was first edition too, so nothing doing. Also no poncho cards, not sure if people have been buying them up as I saw several recent YouTube videos where they were buying them up from Japanese shops.

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Another possible sighting, but it’s already gone :broken_heart:

I try and keep a lookout occasionally, but they seem to get bought up really fast. Even in 1st edition, the mirror holo seems not that easy to find.


If looking for unlimited, then this one would have been a let down.


Ah, okay, thanks for checking. It’s so hard to see :sweat_smile: Guess I’ll remember to blast photo editing if I think I see one next time.

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I got this one locally for 60 posted (aud)