Eevee & Eeveelution Appreciation Thread - Collections, New Card Releases, General Chat

Any suggestions for improving my new spreadsheet formatting? Since I am now going for all Eevees, I figured it was time to up my game on the spreadsheet.


i wouldn’t group legendary collection with jungle personally as its a different set per say.
but the format you have gone with is visually good

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Showing the PSA pop 10 would be a great indication of the scarcity (hard to maintain but could be a shared effort)

That was the biggest problem I had when making my sheet. Once you add everything besides English and Japanese it becomes a mess to keep track off. Especially with languages that only show up in certain sets. I gave up on organization and just threw the languages in there.

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Something I was trying to wrap my head around a little on my own sheet was how to treat the JP cards and other language cards that are the same artwork but different releases (e.g. moonlit pursuit/dawn dash is the same 2 artworks as majestic dawn, but then there are also two dp-p promos that are the same artwork but holo, or the chinese mirror foil/korean holo border cards). I think the way you’ve organized it makes sense to me, although @launcestoneeveeman makes a good point about legendary.

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I will put LC after the European cards, so the artwork is once again in order of release date.

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Eevee Cameo inbound haha


Cameo collectors in shambles lmao

My thoughts exactly. Atleast swap it with one on the right so you can see the whole artwork

This is how I’ve got my tracker set up- one sheet for western releases and one for eastern. It’s definitely possible to reorganize for card art rather than set number like I have here. You could add additional information in more columns like you’ve got in your original sheet as well. I like seeing what sets released in what languages, and this set up makes it easy to see imo.


I did have yours open last night when I was thinking of the format. Yours has been my favorite for organization


Aw wait that’s so kind of you to say :face_holding_back_tears: If you’d like any help with a shell, I’d be happy to help with a template! Hmm maybe I could make a thread on how I did this one if people think it would be useful.


Looks amazing indeed! Could such a template be “possible” with all 9 eeveelutions??

Thank you so much! Absolutely it could be done with all 9 (and cameos if you’re into collecting those too). I’ll put doing a write up tutorial on how I code and organize my sheets on my to-do list!


cant wait!

When you say 3 more sets do you mean japanese or english? August isn’t that far away so that seems like maybe too big of a number. I have lots to catch up on still in SV :smiling_face_with_tear:


  • SV6 Mask of Change - April 26
  • [SV6a] Night Wanderer - June 7
  • [SV7] Stellar Miracle - sometime in July
  • Worlds 2024 Honolulu - sometime in August
  • [SV7a] Paradise Dragona - sometime in September

Set schedule this year is relatively relaxed, unlike in mid-year 2022 or mid-year 2023 where there’s a single set or dual set announced just about every month and printers were barely catching up

For English,

  • SV6 Twilight Masquerade - May 22
  • SV7 ??? - usually sometime in August
  • October holiday set - not expecting one this year
  • SV8 ??? - usually sometime in November

This timeline works out well either the art rare is affordable or it’s a Father’s Day present lmao

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