eBay Vault as a Reseller's Platform

Anyone have an idea why I see $50 to withdraw a card from the vault right now, when it also says eligible for free vault withdraw currently?

edit: Had to do on computer and then it worked for $50 coupon and $0 withdrawal, wasn’t working on the phone/ebay app. FYI for anyone else if they encounter… (although I didn’t read much in thread before )

Are free withdrawal fees valid if I buy a card now and send it to the Vault or just for own submission cards?

You shouldn’t have any issues if you pull it out before the promo ends. I made a purchase on May 2nd and just pulled it out with no withdrawal fee.

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should be any cards stored in the vault. if fact anyone buying any graded card >$250 shouldnt have to pay tax or additional fees b/c u just send it to the vault for no tax → withdraw for free

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