eBay to buy Goldin Auctions, PSA to acquire eBay vault

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That’s so cool! Thanks for sharing. Did all of your cards’ images load before this was possible? Some of mine are still importing.

Yes they all load for me in my sub and also my vaulted items

Im case it wasn’t mentioned already, as part of the deal, PSA now reviews all raw card authentication on eBay and not CGC. Probably common knowledge but it was news to me


Interesting. Is there an ETA on when this is beginning? I’ve got multiple cards at authentication, and they all seem to be at CGC.

Not too sure. This was part of the new piece at CLLCT which had interviews with Hoge and Ken Goldin. My guess would be pretty soon

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the few times i had to send my cards to cgc instead of psa i always got a notice that they were unable to authenticate due to it being in the wrong category or something but were forwarding them to the buyer anyway

never understood why that happened but never had to ship to cgc again outside of those couple times