eBay return to Japan?

Never had an issue with anything ordered from Japan, last package took 3 weeks before the seller shipped it and I just KNEW it would be wrong. Seller had 3 images of both cards, one was a stock, other 2 were front and backs. Get the cards, they aren’t 1st edition so clearly weren’t the cards as pictured, very shady.

Anywho return has been started, but no label was printed. For anyone who has returned items overseas before, do I wait for one from the seller or does eBay provide one? (Sorry, I don’t deal in returns much, and never have internationally)

In Japan a lot of people don’t care about edition, well for average priced stuff. Something u have to be more careful with Yahoo but maybe not a scam on eBay, but I would be more suspect in eBay.

If it’s a cheaper item u might just get a refund.

I sent out a wrong order to someone in the US, cost about $10 to ship it registered. When they received the replacement they sent back the mistake order and I just did a partial refund.

Return cost was something like $63. I am sure there must have been a cheaper tracked way, but at that price I would have told them to keep it. So I ended up having to re-sell the item to basically get my return shipping costs back.

I wish I could offer more help but at least I have bumped you up to the top.

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Usually eBay will provide one if it’s an item not as described case, but there are instances where you will be responsible for return shipping (you should receive a message from eBay with further instructions).

If you have to pay to ship it back, the problem is going to be finding a service that offers full tracking to Japan. USPS first class international won’t be reliable for that, and I’m not sure about Priority or Express. Regardless, you’ll probably have to pay $20+ for any service that guarantees delivery confirmation to Japan. Might want to check with UPS or FedEx.

Treat it like any other eBay return. If the item isn’t correct you’re entitled to a refund with return postage paid for. If the seller checks that option eBay will give you a print out label, otherwise you can open a case and eBay will force them to send you the label.

I haven’t checked to see if Japan is on the list that doesn’t have full tracking, but I would be very surprised if first class didn’t provide full tracking to Japan.

It’s hit or miss apparently. The only time I’ve shipped to Japan through first class tracked, it never updated once the package left the US.

Normally I would be fine, but for the simple fact that they one stock image + 2 of a front and back (to make it appear as if THAT was the card being sold) was something I haven’t seen before from a seller. I think most people would see this and believe it was pictures of the actual card and THIS is what I was sent. If they were in NM I would agreed to a partial because I don’t feel like dealing with sending it back, but just a bad situation all around. I knew something was up after 2 weeks of non shipment after I was told multiple times, “Tomorrow morning!”

Seller is paypal refunding me shipping costs. Thanks for the advice everyone!

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