eBay reserve fee - cancelled order

Hi guys. So I set a high reserve on an auction. There was a 60USD fee for that.

Item was successfully won. Ended up canceling order in the end. Will I still be charged the 60?


Why not start the auction at your reserve next time? its freeee then?

The mentality of some bidders. They’ll gladly bid $300 if there are 20 bids on the item, but not at all if there are no bids and its $250.

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I understand that, but they shouldnt be bidding if they dont know the value of the card ha.The bidding chase is exciting i know…until a few mins before it finishes and it goes from a £1 “steal” to its actual market value heh
Its the crazy 0.99p psychological thing all over again ;D

If the item goes through the eBay system and flags as unpaid, eBay will return listing fees which should include the reserve price.

Last month I had an item that went by unpaid for 7 days, the system noticed it went into auto-ticket mode and after another 7 days I received an e-mail that fees would be returned to me due to unpaid item.

Collectors like deals, so start the ball rolling with small bids. Collectors are also naturally competitive, so once you have a bid war going on, you’re golden… as they don’t want someone else to get the item, thus losing their chance to own it. Case in point - ocghp’s unlimited box received no bids, mine went up to the reserve.

Btw, the cancelled order was so it could be sold outside of eBay (shh!).