Ebay red flag?

So quick context. I had a full psa 9 base set lot that i left up on ebay an actually forgot i had it listed for 9k. Now obviously prices have come down now… Today someone offered 7.5k for it and it reminded me i even still had this (forgot it was still even up).

Anyways i feel like this is a huge red flag since the buyer has 0 feedback and account was made 2022. Maybe i’m being paranoid, but i feel like if i accepted that offer i will never see those cards again and be expected a chargeback or some sort of way for that seller to scam me…

Thoughts if im being too paranoid… The sell just seems too good to be true and my red flag radar went instantly off lol.

Also i know lots wont go thru ebay authentication. So that was another thing in the back of my head. Also i would use insurance for shipping anything that large of ammount, but i still feel like im walking into a trap.

I wouldn’t make that many assumptions just from an offer. It’s safe to assume it might not be a real paid offer. But I wouldn’t worry that far ahead. I have 0 feedback buyers all the time. Some that pay well above what people think the “market price” is for cards.

If you want to wait for another buyer, or perhaps message the 0 feedback buyer. Ultimately do what makes you most comfortable.


It is impossible to know whether a buyer with 0 feedback is the real deal or not. If you do decide to accept the offer, I would highly recommend requiring a signature upon delivery. This will prevent the buyer from claiming that the package was lost and they did not receive it.

Im just more worried about dealing with some sort of chargeback or dispute after he receives everything or while i have it sent off if he tries to pull something… Heard a lot of horor stories of people doing this durring the 2019/20 boom…

I would 100% not send it off without insuarance and a signed sig on my end tho. But like i said its the next 180 days after that would concern me the most. Unless im fully protected somehow from him just having his bank do a forced chargeback on me…

I don’t usually like dealing with larger deals without knowing the person. So just me being very paranoid

Shoot em an eBay message & tell them your concerns about 0 feedback accounts. if they’re serious about buying it, they should clear up most of your worries in one reply.


My gut was right… Turned into him wanting to do a deal by sending me a check… Can close this thread now. Sorry for making the post. It just felt too good to be true out of the random blue and i wanted to see if maybe i was just being overly paranoid lol…


I believe anything over like $750 on ebay requires signature and if you dont add it you’ll automatically lose an INR case.


Yes, you’re right. $750 will trigger a signature automatically.

Lots of great advice here. As for the cost, consider that some people may value the hassle and time saved a lot more than others. That isn’t really a red flag. Though the zero feedback might be.

No apology needed. It made you feel some sort of way and for that it should be validated. Don’t forget, your hunch on things can help someone in the future maybe re-look at things on how their setup is. You never know who could be reading and potentially helping. Good luck


Trust your gut feeling, I would avoid the sale.

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