Ebay "Make an offer"

Hypothetically speaking…coughcough…If eBay has a 15% off trading cards promotion going on and I “make an offer” on a card and the seller accepts the offer, will the 15% off be applied to the new agreed upon price?

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@alovell yes, deals still apply so long as it states it does in the terms and conditions. So in that case it would reflect the new agreed on offer if accepted.


Ehhh I don’t think so.

I’ll borrow the thread to ask a variation of the question: if I list an object during the promotion where you only pay max 1$ instead of the usual 10% when you sell an item and the listing is a ‘buy it now’ with the ‘make an offer option’ and I accept an offer I’ll still pay max 1$ or I’ll pay the usual 10%? Thanks^^

I just got stung by this one - warning for UK sellers. I was watching a Mewtwo 1st ed and Alakazam 1st ed, the buyer sent out an offer of 5% off to watchers, with a message that if you use the 15% coupon you get 20% - great deal! So I accept both offers, go to pay and then BAM - the coupon didn’t work haha. I don’t know if it’s different to US, but ours is code POP15.

I believe the coupon only works if it was directly sent to you via eBay messages, even though the coupon code is the same for everyone. I had a customer try and use the coupon code for an item and it didn’t work for them.

i’m not exactly sure, but a buyer has messaged me before asking if i could take his best offer and turn it into a buy it now so that he could get the extra discount, which i didn’t mind doing (the discount comes from ebay and it doesn’t affect the seller).

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This is good info! I was looking up cards as we speak.

Coupon code only works when you hit the Buy It Now button.