eBay Garbage

Nope, no offers on my listings. It’s the weirdest thing.

And you were right, guy is super chill. Laughed at the “too good to be true” price. He let me cancel and relist for a 50% discount instead of an 85% discount.


I had something unusual happen recently, but I was on the other side of it.

I was watching this listing, which is now sold at its asking price of $149.80: PSA 8.5 Yadong Old Back 1997 Playmat Bonus Slowpoke | eBay

But an offer was pushed out to me for only $15.50, which I quickly accepted. The seller messaged me a few minutes later in confusion and apologized saying it was obviously an error they could not explain. I accepted the refund, of course.

Very very strange.

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Hmmm ok now that’s interesting. I’d get in touch with eBay about it but I can’t think of anything I’d rather do less than try to talk to eBay CS. @smpratte has way more patience than me in that regard

I’m just nervous this could happen again to a much pricier listing…

I’d talk to eBay customer support. Tell them what happened, and ask to speak with tech support or create a ticket. This way, you’ll generate that ticket for them to hopefully track and find a problem, if it exists.

If people don’t report it, then it’ll never get fixed. Might be a bug buried deep in the programming somewhere.

Probably my OCD and former QA-er kicking in, but it’s really helpful to report these things. @A.P.Speeze and @stagecoach . It’ll help IT improve the function, if they have any power to do so. (Knowing some of these guys over the years, they definitely have pride in their work.) :muscle: :grin:

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I actually had the opposite happen to me about a month or so ago. I sent out an offer for $25 off an item and someone accepted and paid for it, but eBay charged him the full amount instead of the offer amount. That was easily fixed with a partial refund though.

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Gotta love the false advertising… There are already 16 PSA 10s and counting by the day, and many of them are on eBay right now.



It was listed 5 days ago so to be fair it’s possible it was the first listed on eBay. But that doesn’t provide any extra value for people that are smart enough not to FOMO. I never understand the “POP 1” statement on a new card. It will be pop 100 by the time the card is mailed out after the auction.


A tale as old as time :upside_down_face:


Anything that says “low pop” is pretty annoying. There could be so many reasons that a card could be “low pop”. To be fair, I guess it’s a way to grab people’s attention or whatever, but it’s also pretty misleading unless you as the buyer understand if the card is truly low pop or not. In other words, I kind of just feel it’s a pointless thing to mention for 99% of cards out there.


Right but it’s not for the people who are smart enough not to FOMO. Like clockwork, if you are fast enough to get new chase cards like this off to PSA and manage to get the 10, you will pretty much always get a massive premium.

It doesn’t make sense to me personally but it pretty much works 100% of the time if you’re willing to put the effort in and get a little lucky.

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I would really like to see how many of those expedited submissions it takes to get the Gem Mt, and compare that to the premium they receive. IDK. I just don’t think you can get that lucky, to consistently make this worth your while.

You honestly can, especially with Japanese where 10s are more likely. I don’t do it now but I have in the past. I’ll never fully understand why people pay such insane premiums when it will drop in two seconds but they always do. Depending on the card, you can even break even or come close to it on 9s if you’re fast enough.

This isn’t a graded card, but I was at a Walmart two days before Champion’s Path came out and they actually had the set out even though it was early. I bought two ETBs, got the rainbow Charizard, and it sold within hours for $900. I shipped it priority mail the next day, and by the time it got to him it was almost literally half price. I thought for sure the person would refund but they left feedback immediately about how happy they were to put it on their shelf. It was also clearly a 9.

Point is, whether it’s FOMO, or having way too much money, or some other combination of reasons, people will pay premiums to get something early. It seems ridiculous to patient collectors who know the price would never hold anywhere near that level, but it happens all the time.


Fair enough. And you’re right that it does happen regularly. I did make a decent margin with raw Mt 9 -10 candidates when eevee heroes dropped. I guess I’ve never even tried doing it at scale, and perhaps my view would change if I did.

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They most probably didn’t get the winners payment and used eBay’s send best offer feature, which since you’re a watcher, received. $15.50 was for another card. This is my best guess about this mistake.

Massive update. I’m now actually going to close eBay for a bit and I’m considering calling the Police.

Woke up this morning to him actually being able to re-purchase an item from me with a different account name. This guys sells the same items and has the same address. Even in his previous purchase. (If I’m allowed to share his address LMK)

How the fuck, is this still going on, and he’s able to do this, eBay? ffs.

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That is a big yikes and I’m sorry you’re still dealing with this person.


This is awful. eBay will allow you to cancel the order and remove negative feedback via their Abusive Buyer policy. You can also block the new account and report him.

My suggestion is to speak with a person at eBay over the phone. Almost nothing gets done if you put in a report without speaking to a human.


Just as another reference point to this, that Giratina V posted above just ended for $962. Two other copies recently ended for high 900s as well. It’s like a $200 card raw right now, and as far as I can tell, getting a 10 is no more difficult than any other modern full art.

At that price point you could have sent in 2 of them at the $150 tier, gotten a 9 on one and a 10 on the other, and paid for both with just the sale of the 10. Then even if you sold the 9 at a break even price, you’re up pretty significantly over all. While there’s always some luck involved, it’s not that difficult if you’re fast enough.

We might think the “pop 1” in the title of that listing is stupid (because it is), but we’re also not the target demographic of people buying the very first graded copies of that card. I’d argue the type of person who spends $1000 on a graded card that will probably be $400 in two weeks is also the type of person who is influenced by something like that in a title.


Not from ebay, but i rly detest this. Also “whats the lowest you can do?” Like ??? The price i want is the list price. If u wanna make me an offer, YOU make the offer. Literally 98% of the people who inquire about items do this. Is there something im not understanding here? My list prices are very solid, its not like the price i put is a placeholder $999999 or smth. I have a lowest price i’ll accept threshold, but like im not just gonna undermine my own asking price so u can get the lowest price possible with 0 effort or work lol


These types of messages never, ever get a response from me. Serious customers will never ask questions like this.

If I don’t have an offer option, why would you think I would take less than the list price?

If I do have an offer option, why don’t you just make a damn offer instead of asking me what the lowest price I would accept is?