eBay Bucks / flash deals and sales megathread

side complaint, the 3 expensive ebay items that i want are all auctions that end on September 29th. why must the world be so cruel.

5% EBay bucks until 10/26: eBay Bucks | eBay.com

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It is funny, I got the eBay Mastercard at the beginning of last year, used it for a year and the experience was pretty poor. (Points took forever before they were useable, and there were several instances when the points would completely fail to update.) So I cancelled the card after a year. Afterwards, I have never qualified for an eBay Bucks promotion since! :joy:

I guess eBay is salty about users who cancel the eBay Mastercard. Curious if this has been anyone else’s experience, if they cancelled their eBay Mastercard? I believe TCA Gaming mentioned in a video that he bailed on the eBay Mastercard too.

I haven’t ever signed up for any ebay CC, and I still haven’t received any ebay bucks in 2022. Last time was the 8% that nearly everyone got in 2021

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It is interesting. A friend of mine has gotten several eBay bucks offers this year, he usually forwards me the eBay email, and when I click the link, it always says my account doesn’t qualify for it.

I suspect they just send them to people who aren’t buying as much, as an incentive to drive sales. And unfortunately for me, since I buy regularly all year, eBay doesn’t want to waste eBay bucks on users like myself. :upside_down_face:

(Ebay Canada only :canada:)

$20 off $100 purchase

Should note tcgplayer has 8% bucks on singles today 9am to 9pm est

5% ebay bucks, ends November 30th: eBay Bucks | eBay.com

330 days since I last had eBay bucks. Hoping they do one at the end of the year like they did with the 8% last year.

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Just got a 5% eBay bucks offer. I didn’t get a notification, it was just on the homepage of my eBay app. It seems like the promotion is active for almost a full day before you actually get a notification for it sometimes.

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Happened again, just like it always seems to. I dropped $600 and got the 5% eBay bucks offer. Every single time.

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At this point I kinda wished that happened to me, since I don’t think I’ve gotten an offer since they closed enrollment.

5% EBay bucks: eBay Bucks | eBay.com

Great timing for anyone bidding on my auctions that end tonight! :pray:


I didn’t get any emails advertising this one but its still active


Plus rakuten 6% on GameStop collectables not bad if you wanna rip ship dip and slip a nip

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I’m guessing ebay.ca only but there’s a 20% coupon for toys and it worked for me on a graded card



Man I miss ebay bucks so bad.

They don’t even give them out to me promotionally anymore.

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Love that card

eBay (US) is running a promo with Bank of America for 5% off most items. It doesn’t seem to be restricted to Bank of America customers and IME works with any payment method:

Start at this link: BankAmeriDeals | eBay.com | eBay.com

Use promo code TAKE5BOFA at checkout

I used it on a shadowless Charizard and it worked to take $50 off